Your Guide to Florida’s Probate

florida probateWhen you pass away, you don’t want to leave your family members in any financial turmoil that could add to their emotional suffering. This is why it’s so important to work with an attorney to make an appropriate estate plan. Your estate plan needs to include a last will and testament that can be used by the Florida probate system to approve the distribution of your debts and possessions.

Why Does Probate Matter?

Probate is Florida’ legal process used to settle your estate after death.. It proves the validity of your will and presents a list of properties, debts, and inheritances tha need to be taken care of. Depending on the number of debts and assets you have upon death, the probate process could take weeks or months. Once it’s finally complete, relatives and creditors are officially notified of the death and given the opportunity to receive what is now theirs. This is where a tampa estate attorney comes into play and can assist.

What Can Skip Probate?

Fortunately, with the right legal preparation, your estates and assets may not be forced to cycle through probate lawyers st petersburg before being passed to their new owners. If you have property that is held by more than one person, a home owned with your spouse, or a shared bank account, they can all potentially be approved without the probate. The same goes for assets for which a beneficiary is assigned, like a retirement account or life insurance proceeds. A living trust is also a valuable tool that has the ability to pass down assets without going through probate.

Is Probate Every Liable to Litigation?

Probate litigation occurs when the circumstances surrounding a deceased individual’s probate attorney Lakeland procedures are called into question for some reason. It is often the case that a decedent’s last wishes are thwarted when invested parties disagree, so probate attorneys are hired to intervene and fight for the proper handling of the decedent’s estate and personal matters.

One of the most common types of probate litigation revolves around will contests if the last will and testament of the decedent is suspected to be invalid, fraudulent, or signed under duress. Somebody may suspect that mental incapacity, undue influence, or fraud are responsible for the will’s strange request, in which case they have the right to challenge the will’s validity.


If any situation arises after a family member’s death that causes you to question the probate’s handling of the estate, contact a probate litigation attorney to learn your rights.

DUI Checkpoint Laws

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is one of the most common causes for arrest. That is the reason why the DUI checkpoints are the roadblocks you are likely to encounter in any state. It is therefore important to know the scope of the DUI checkpoint laws so as to know your rights when you encounter such a checkpoint. This post covers some of these.

Firstly, you have the right to remain silent when you are at a DUI checkpoint says attorney Peter Catania, a tampa DUI attorney. This means that you do not have to speak to the officers manning the road block. You can maintain your silence as you wait for your lawyer. In addition to this, the police officers are not allowed to search you or your car unless you agree to have the search done or they have probable cause that you are under the influence. The DUI laws also state that you do not have to get out of your vehicle or motorcycle attorney Lakeland, or even roll down your window. As long as you cooperate with the police and do not break any state laws, you can remain inside your car and wait for your lawyer if you intend to without any consequences.

The laws also do not give law enforcement officers to undertake search operations on electronic devices such as phones and laptops. This is only permitted if the officers present you with a valid search permit or arrest warrant. In such a case, the officers have some level of authority to make use of sniffer dogs when undertaking the searches. If the dog gets evidence, then your legal options are somewhat limited. Of much importance, however, is having knowledge of these laws. With this in mind, you can be able to pursue your rights and avoid arrest or harassment in case you encounter a DUI checkpoint.

Why Elder Law Matters, Regardless of Your Age

It’s possible that you have never heard of elder law—most people don’t until they become involved in an older relative’s legal affairs or grow to that magic age themselves. But elder law is a very significant realm of law, as proven by its rapid growth in the past few years. Below you can find the most significant reasons that you should care about elder law, even if you are not quite yet an “elder.”

Older Couple Sitting Together at Beach

First… What is Elder Law?
Tampa elder law attorney is an umbrella term for a multitude of legal needs that arise as you age. The things that don’t always feel pressing in your 20s, 30s, or even 40s become vital after the age of 60, and elder law addresses those concerns. Retirement, medical planning, estate planning, living wills, health insurance, and social security are all common topics that elder law attorneys can help clients resolve.

The Growing Importance of Elder Law
It wasn’t too long ago that life expectancy barely peaked above the age of 60, but modern technology, pharmaceuticals, and other advancements, combined with a growing awareness of healthy choices, has led to significantly longer life expectancy in the United States. It’s common for adults to live into their 80s and beyond. This growing number of seniors means that lawyers are increasingly needed to help older Americans sort out their affairs and prevent vulnerabilities from overturning their finances after a long life of hard work. From insurance to Tampa medicaid planning attorneys, there is a way to live a better life.

In addition, elder law exists to protect vulnerable elders in nursing homes and other facilities from enduring the abuse and neglect that is becoming all too common. Abuse can even occur in the form of powers of attorney with the wrong intentions, such as the son who attempted to evict his mother in order to make a profit on selling her home. It is for this reason and many others that elder law attorneys are widely needed in our country.

3 Top Tips to Hire the Best DUI Lawyers

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or any other substance, you have the option to represent yourself during the case or hire DUI attorney to help you in the process. If you do not have the knowledge on how DUI law works or any knowledge in this area, it is advisable to hire DUI attorneys to help you in the process. However, it is worth noting that not all the lawyers you find in the market can help you, so you need know to choose the best. Here are a few tips that will help you make the right choice.

dui law

Check their experience

One of the things that you need to consider is the number of years that the different lawyers have been offering their services in the market. You need to hire a lawyer with more that seven years of experience in order to get the best legal representation. Check at their operating license to confirm when they started practicing.


Not all the experienced lawyer might have a good name among the clients in the market. So, you should only work with a reputable DUI lawyer. You can seek for recommendations from friends or past clients to know the lawyers with good name depending on the cost, how they relate with the clients and their efficiency.

Availability and accessibility

In order to get the best legal representation, you should work with DUI lawyers Tampa who are available and accessible any time you need them. A good lawyer should be available through phone, near your home or workplace or other ways. In addition, the lawyer you select should be the one to work with you instead of delegating your case to other lawyers whom you might not know or lack the preliquiste experience and knowledge.

Criminal Defense Law Firm : What To expect from them

Everybody is aware that when charged with a crime, the first important thing to do immediately you get the chance to communicate is to call in your lawyer (or hire one in case you do not have an attorney). In case you are not able to afford one, then the court will appoint a professional public defender to assist you defend your case.

But what exactly does this law entail? Upon taking up a case, what does the defense attorney do to make sure that your case goes through to completion without a problem? Take note, the primary objective of any attorney is usually to represent their client to the best of their abilities. How they go about handling their cases however will always vary depending on the specifics of the case at hand.

criminal1Most attorneys working for criminal defense law firms are mostly consulted to provide clients with advice on the best course of action for. Keep in mind when hiring a lawyer, the client’s never give up their entire defense plan since it is usually the client who is in charge of how he/she would like to be represented. It is equally worth noting that the defense lawyer can at will drop the case or refuse to do certain things In case they feel that you are not cooperating. Simply put, defense attorneys will advice you accordingly on how to respond to the handling of your case amongst other things.

In addition to the above, the same law also states that your lawyer should be able to help you carry out a thorough investigation for crucial evidence which might help completely sway the judge’s opinion in your favor and lead to the dismissal of the case. Taking time to familiarize yourself with criminal defect law will therefore help make thing easier for you.

Florida Workers Compensation Laws

Claim form

Claim form

It is Chapter 440 of Florida statutes that covers the workers’ compensation. The legislative scope provides an interpretation of how an injured worker may enjoy medical and other benefits, as well as what the cost to the employer may be.

Florida workers compensation laws are based on the mutual recognition of rights and obligations of employees and employers alike, according to the common law. Compensation cases are not interpreted in a liberal way, favoring one of the parties only. The accordance with basic principles is sought. The bodies dealing with the issues of the compensation domain, like the insurance regulation office, the administrative hearings division, etc., act in a way to facilitate the proper compensation delivery. This is best explored by speaking with a Tampa workers compensation attorney that you can trust and feel good about.

An accidental injury or death case is compensated according to Florida law if the work is performed during employment. The consequences are established at the level of medical certainty. No compensation is entitled if a relevant body in this state determines an intentional engagement during the act of injury. Pursuant to law, programs for a drug-free workplace are implemented to maximize the level of safety of the workers.

Violations of the law that are alleged, according to an investigative process, may be reported to licensing agencies, attorneys, or other prosecuting bodies.

A failure to secure compensation payment leads to claims for the employer by the injured employee or a legal representative.

A special feature of Florida workman comp firms compensation law is the creation of an Ombudsman office to educate and assist not only the injured workers, but the employers, health care providers, etc., on an equal footing. Mediation and hearings may be scheduled, too, to tackle a compensation claim notification.

Individual self-insurance in this state may be guaranteed by a Florida special association, and its functions are stipulated in the law.

The law allows for a waiver of exemption.